I am currently available for commission work! I can help you make a unique, personal gift for your loved ones or give new life to a precious memory of those who mean the most to you.

If you have a particular vision that doesn't fit into any of the categories, I'm always happy to bring something completely unique to life. Simply let me know about your idea and I'm sure we can figure something out that translates your wishes and fits your budget.

Pet Portraits



  • Colourful, vivid illustration of your pet

  • Simple, one-tone graphic background

  • A personal, hand-written message, date, name, etc (if requested)

  • Small accessories or graphic details (eg. heart or collar)

Additional options:

  • Extra pet –  +£35 each

  • Background/Frame – +£20-40

People Portraits



  • Colourful, vivid portrait or full body illustration of the person of your choice

  • Simple, one-tone graphic background

  • A personalised, hand-written message, date, name, or graphic detail (if requested)

Additional options:

  • Extra character (portrait or full body) –  +£40 (each)

  • Extra pet – +£30 (each)

  • Background/Frame – +£20-40


  • All images are designed in A4 (or similar) format, at 300 pixel/inch. If you would like to receive a signficantly larger document, this might come with extra charges.

  • You pay for the service of a custom illustration and will receive this as a digital file, not a phyiscal item such as a print. This means you don't have to pay for shipping and can use and share your illustration as often as you like!

  • Please note that payment will have to be made upfront in order to secure your comission. I will start working on your comission once payment has been received.

  • Please contact me directly for any questions and requests, I'm happy to help.

Comission Info & Request

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